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US tactical strategic doctrine when the Krag was adopted was almost exclusively defensive. So how did the Krag see its service-in a foreign expedition. Remember it was a time of very rapid changes in weapons and tactics. The British SOP for their Lee-Metfords was to have the soldier single load, and basically fire on command and change magazines when the magazine in the rifle ran dry, change it, they quickly adopted charger load and kept the magazine in the rifle. The tubular magazine was quickly proved unsatisfactory, at the Battle of Concon during the Chilean Civil War of 1891 it
was the Kropatschek rifle had a good rate of fire but was too slow to reload.
The U.S. Army relied on mules during the Italian Campaign in WWII, I have seen pictures of pack animals being used in the Phillipines during the rainy season. So some of the concerns about ammo wastage have some validity.
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