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Nice! Now get out there and reload with some RL22, Retumbo, or H1000 with 105 A-Max bullets and see what you can do. RL22 is delivering 3135 fps out of my standard .243 with 26" barrel. Your barrel will heat up on you pretty quick being a #2, but you should be able to get off three shots pretty easily. The A-Max will be a coyote or chuck's worst enemy, and run 90 grain NAB or 95 NBT for deer.

Look up Stockade Gunstocks for a super saver stock, although I'm not sure it will save you a whole lot of time waiting on it. You might want to look into his bolt lift kit as well, really cheap and it makes a difference in bolt lift. I like the 3/8" knurled tactical bolt handle as well, puts it out there and makes it easier to grab without being obnoxiously large.
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