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The adjustable charge bar is nice but you will be lucky to see good results using that powder at that low a charge. The ACB works better at 5gr and above in my experience. It is a good tool though and well worth owning. You might well get it to work better for you in the 4.3gr range than I do.

The good news is the disks are extremely inexpensive so the idea of reaming/filing one out to the charge you like is entirely feasible.

I would not bother to do this for the sake of throwing a few starting charges though. I would dip/trickle the starting charges and wait to dial in a disk until you have found the ideal charge.

The nice thing about modifying a disk is you get several shots at it. If you screw up the .37 hole you can always drill out the .34 hole and start again. Reloading is a lifetime hobby- extra parts in the tool box often come in handy.

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