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Keep the faith, pup, it will be what you make of it. I entered in September of 1970. We had junkies AWOL the first night then, too, @$$holes of all persuasions, and many of the same challenges. I was a candy-assed white suburban college boy, and they had some funr with me for a few day till I figured it out. it was an interesting experience, given that the average educationof the trainees was 13 1/2 yrs (i.e. some college), vs. the cadre, who averaged a bit over 9 yrs (that's right, not even high school grads), talk about culture clash - I was among the first of the lottery soldiers, the draft was almost gone, but soldiering has always been 'challenging' work. It's another kind of liberal education that will serve you all your life if you let it. Good luck to you. M2
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