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Saiga gas settings for Buckshot

I have a Saiga-12 SBS with a 12-inch barrel which I've finally gotten to be reliable with birdshot. To do that I got one of the "low brass reliability kit". I love it and constantly clear the skeet range for a 10-15 foot radius every time I shoot.

For it to work I have it all the way open and I haven't had a single jam in hundreds of rounds. However, I recently started cranking buckshot through it which cycles great; even if I'm shooting it offhand with the stock folded, something which won't work on the birdshot.

However I've recently had someone on the range tell me I need to tighten up the gas port for buckshot as that will supposedly damage the internals.

Is there much truth to that on damaging the internals? If so should I also get some of the plastic buffers to limit the metal-on-metal contact?
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