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Ah yes I guess it is a Pro 1000 progressive then. Of course I still haven't got a clue how to use it. Thanks for the clarification.

I'll drill some holes on my work bench and mount the thing then take more pics. Thanks again.
If you drill a 'primer escape' hole under the press, as primers are punched out, they can/will fall on threw. I have a plastic tube feeding them into an bottle collector.


Ok so I looked on Lee's website and it is definitely a Pro 1000. With the proper parts it'll load .45acp, .44mag and .223. Of course it isn't set up to load .308Win which is the fourth caliber that I shoot a lot of. I guess I'll have to keep the other presses for that.
To change heads/cartridges you will need the correct bottom plate, not expensive or difficult to get.

Lee's website also makes me believe that I cannot use the dies I already have in this press so I'll have to purchase dies specifically made for this... is that correct?
Yes and no. Yes - with the thew the die powder feed system. But you can work around that, so no.

It is also evident that this particular press is missing parts - and I'll do my best to replace them.

Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have and used a Pro 1000 to load 40S&W and 45s. It works very well. I have the stuff to do .223/5.56 but prefer to trim all of my brass after sizing. This kind of defeats the hole progressive thing. However, I'm thinking of doing a set up for .300 Blackout, same bottom plate.


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