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In your current processing, do you take one case and move from press to press to a complete round?
Yes, I take the case from one press and move to the next to complete the process for a complete cartridge.

You might be able to trade the Pro-1000 straight across for the Classic Turret (don't settle for the Deluxe Turret, though)
I might do that but already having single stage presses I might just keep this for quicker production of the stuff I shoot the most of, namely .223 and .45acp. I might just keep on pumping out the .308 on my single stages.

Spent primers ejected do not all fall where they are supposed to go (under the base of the press). It is possible to mask off the areas they go to direct them where they are supposed to go, though. Or you could just sweep them up later (or use a drop cloth). While you are drilling the mounting holes, you might consider drilling another through which the primers that fall under the base of the press can exit.
I might see if I can't rig up something where the spent primers will eject then fall down a chute to a pail for collection... thanks for the heads up!

Whether you have a Pro-1000 or a turret, get extra turret disks for it. Leaving the dies mounted in the disk makes caliber swaps very easy and on the turret almost instantaneous.
Excellent suggestion! Thank you for that, I'll spend a little more money now and save time later.

The thingie on top is Lee's Auto Disk powder dispenser. That works well, but be sure you have the full set of disks. There should be four, and each has six (?) holes of varying diameter.
I checked Lee's website and there are 4 disks - which I have so I believe I have the whole set. I'll have to see what works for me regarding what I load. Honestly I'll settle for a little below or a little above if it'll make loading .45acp and .223 quicker and easier.

Thanks everyone for all the help! I'll try and get it set up on a separate work bench since I doubt I'll be taking down my other set-up any time soon since I can't load .308 on this thing.
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