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I too have had problems with the auto disk. Mine used to throw out quite variable charges, and all of them below the stated charge for that powder in that disk.

I finally got it to work consistently, although still below the stated volumes for that disk aperture.

There are a couple of suggestions I can offer based on what some said to me. Firstly, there is simply the case of using the smaller charge then topping up with the missing 0.5gr via a dipper.

After that there is the Lee perfect measure system that I believe is infinitely adjustable, but you may want to check that.

Finally, there is the cheapest and most convenient option: take your .37cc disk aperture, get a needle file and careful ream it out until it delivers the charge you require. The downside, of course, is that that particular aperture is then permanently altered.

I imagine others will follow with more ingenius ideas, but in the meantime.... good luck!
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