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Problems with new P229

A few weeks ago I purchased a new 9mm P229. It ran great for about 800 rounds using Federal ammo ... As soon as I started using a box of WWB ammo, I started having FTE issues. I took the gun home and cleaned and lubed well-- giving special attention to cleaning the extractor and went back to using Federal ammo. Now I am experiencing 1-2 FTE every 50 rounds or so (spent shell remains in the chamber). The shell shows marks from the extractor, but just stays in the chamber ... But is easily removed by tipping up the barrel. Anyway, it is at the shop where I bought it ... they said they'll have their gunsmith look at it, but will more than likely send it to Sig. So ... I'm a little bummed, I'm sure they'll make it right (or at least I hope so).

FWIW, I also have a p229 in 40 cal I bought used several years ago and have never had a problem in several thousand rounds.

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