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Sounds like 308 Cal. If so, I have a Rem.700 LTR 20" barrel 308 cal. Have been reloading for years for this rifle. Your Varmint is the same action, longer barrel 26" I thought .Anyway your rifle is a tack driver, just have to find the right combo for it. Remingtons have alot of free bore,so if shooting one shot at a time you can try bringing the bullet closer to the lands.tried it at first,didn't do much. Found staying with OAL 2.800 worked best & trying different powers, working up a load till I found a combo that worked.Takes time. My rifle did not shoot well with Varget. Found IMR 4064 42.0 Gr with Sierra 168gr.HPBT & 150gr. HPBT shot great. This year I shot A one hole 3 shot group dead center in the bulls eye, didn't want to shoot another shot to screw it up, I saved the target. I wish I could shoot that way all the time,but that is the fun of it.I wouldn't go any heavier than 168 gr. bullet with 1-12 twist. I'm now trying partial neck sizing,works good so far. Found it on Youtube, the computer is a great source for info. Also check your Mount,rings & action screws if they loosen they will drive you crazy till you realize the problem.Hope I Helped.Be Safe Chris
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