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Your right to be an ass does not extend to invading my peace and privacy
Barring your private property... Actually that "right" you mention is protected by the 1st amendment unless it violates a particular odinance such as "noise" for the most part...

Exactly. What the difference between the sound of a generator or TV invading the space of a hunter, and the sound of hundreds of gunshots from someone target shooting to a birdwatcher? There is none. Still, both have the same legal right to be there. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. That's why it's called public land and open to multiple recreational purposes. Don't like it, don't go there. Your right to be an ass won't stop others from being likewise.

It is the double edge of public land.
Well said. Fortunately most of those that want the outdoors to be an extension of being at home don't go far from the road and easy access. That leaves plenty of room and good hunting for the rest of us.
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