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First, register for this forum:

They have lots of info on all Lee loading products (including the Pro 1000, which is what you have there), and the members are all very friendly and helpful. (Well, except me. I try to be helpful, but I can be a curmudgeon.)

The Pro 1000 accepts standard dies, so whatever dies you now have should work. I second the advice to buy extra turrets -- that allows you to set the dies for each caliber and not have to change the setup when switching calibers.

The on-press priming mechanism is specific to large or small primers. Priming seems to be the biggest headache with those presses, so I avoid that entirely by priming with a Lee hand-held primer. On your press, that inclined flying saucer thing is the primer tray. The thingie on top is Lee's Auto Disk powder dispenser. That works well, but be sure you have the full set of disks. There should be four, and each has six (?) holes of varying diameter. You play around until you find the disk/hole that drops the right amount of powder you need. Using that you cannot dial in loads to the tenth of a grain -- I load with Winchester 231, and jumping up one hole size typically changes the charge weight by about 3/10 of a grain. Naturally, for my .45 ACP purposes that leaves me a choice between slightly under or slightly over where I want to be, but it's workable.
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