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You'll spook the squirrels less, if you use subsonic 22 LR hollowpoints, because of the low report. Assuming that the place is not shot out for squirrels ---- look for fox squirrels along streams and rivers --- because thats how they migrate --- especially along the adjacent mountain sides and slopes. Grays could be anywhere. Hunt early and late.. because gray squirrels are afraid to come out during daylight, between morning and evening; because of red tailed hawks. Adult Fox squirrels, because of there large size, don't seem to be too afraid of the hawks.

Fox's...tend to love to rummage amoung the fallen fall leaves, thus making alot of noise. Grays are much quieter and skittish...that love to run on fallen timber, on the forest floor.

If you can afford it...use turkey loads, #6 shot, if you prefer to hunt fox squirrels with a shotgun; because they are very tough to kill.

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