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Your post #3 came while I was composing #4.

Lee's website also makes me believe that I cannot use the dies I already have in this press so I'll have to purchase dies specifically made for this... is that correct?
Standard dies will work fine. I assume your single stage presses are using standard dies.

Ok so I looked on Lee's website and it is definitely a Pro 1000. With the proper parts it'll load .45acp, .44mag and .223. Of course it isn't set up to load .308Win which is the fourth caliber that I shoot a lot of. I guess I'll have to keep the other presses for that.
Almost every loader I know has at least one single stage press in addition to whatever other presses they own. So, you will probably keep at least one of your single stages.

You did not ask for this advice, but I will offer it because it is essentially what I did.

I never got used to monitoring multiple simultaneous operations on my two Pro-1000s (one set up for small primers and one for large). I never got very fast and once ran my powder measure to empty and had to pull 35 bullets to ensure I had no powderless cartridges or squibs.

I got a Lee Classic Turret and am much happier now.

You might be able to trade the Pro-1000 straight across for the Classic Turret (don't settle for the Deluxe Turret, though). The Classic Turret will do the .308. With the auto-indexing, it's operation will be exactly what you are doing now on your separate single-stages and you have four die stations as well.

Whether you have a Pro-1000 or a turret, get extra turret disks for it. Leaving the dies mounted in the disk makes caliber swaps very easy and on the turret almost instantaneous.

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