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Yes, not a turret. It is the progressive

In your current processing, do you take one case and move from press to press to a complete round? (Continuous processing)

If so, you have been emulating a progressive press already except just one case/operation at a time. Your transition should be easy.

The Pro-1000 is not without its problems, but it will produce quality ammunition.

Spent primers ejected do not all fall where they are supposed to go (under the base of the press). It is possible to mask off the areas they go to direct them where they are supposed to go, though. Or you could just sweep them up later (or use a drop cloth). While you are drilling the mounting holes, you might consider drilling another through which the primers that fall under the base of the press can exit. Otherwise you will have to dismount the press to remove the collected primers. Although I read of one guy who uses a vacuum cleaner to extract the primers.

Fresh primers are gravity-fed and the last two or three often require a little more help (without the weight of more primers behind them). A "pusher" tool can be easily made from a paper clip.

Your press appears to be missing the case feed parts. No big loss, as inserting the cases into the shell plate by hand is easy enough.

223 is about the longest rifle case you will be able to load on the Pro-1000 (I am told). Lee intended the Pro-1000 for handgun rounds.

Go slow. watch each step. Stop after every stroke and verify the primer advance (as the shell plate rotates), the powder drop at the top of the ram stroke and don't forget to place a bullet on the case mouth at the proper time (easy to forget in all the watching and stroking) .

The primers feed to the primer's ram while the shell plate is rotating. If the primer did not advance all the way, it can bind up the mechanism and get turned sideways or not line up with the primer pocket. Either event will result in a crushed primer and an interruption in your progress.

I just got back from a trip, so might still be a little incoherent. I will post again if I think of anything else.

Thanks for asking our advice.

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