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Nothing wrong with your choice, but think long and hard about what you want this first gun to accomplish.

If this is your "learn to shoot" gun, PLEASE consider how expensive .45 ammo is. Justin posted up some prices on ammo for 9mm vs 45. If you notice, the 45 is twice as expensive. I'll tack on, however, that I haven't seen prices for ammo that low around here in several years. It generally seems like a box of 50 rounds of 9mm is about $11-$12 and 45 is between $25 and $28. If you are planning on being a serious shooter and only have the one gun to shoot, two boxes a trip would be pretty much your minimum (and worth maybe an hour of shooting). Is that a price you're comfortable with? It takes an awful lot of misses before you get any good.

An option you do have (and one I would very much consider) is to get a 1911 model that has a .22 conversion kit available. Yes, it will hurt shelling out for the extra parts (figure an extra couple of hundred bucks), but now you do have a gun you can practice and learn with.

Also, consider what your future needs might be. I picked up a CZ-75B for my first centerfire pistol and it has served me well for many years. I now find myself in a position, however, where I am getting my CPL - something I wasn't sure on when I first got into shooting 5 or 6 years ago. The CZ is a great gun, but it's not exactly stellar for concealed carry. I wish I had went with the slightly more compact version. Obviously, future needs are a bit harder to figure out but keep it in mind.

Then again, when all is said and done guns to tend to breed over time. You can always get what you want now and then accumulate more as your tastes and needs become more articulated. It just might take a few years to satisfy everything.
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