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Idiot question, need help.

So I've been reloading my own ammo for a while now so I'm not new to it. However I've been doing so with a multi-station set up using 3 separate single stage lee loading presses.

Now I've inherited a Lee 3-hole turret press with other accessories attached. Here's the idiot question - what the heck is everything and what does it do?

I mean I've got an idea of what things are, for example the primer feed, powder charger etc. but really I need to understand this thing better and how to use it properly before I botch something.

I've included photos to show the unit in whole. Currently it has a set of .357mag dies in it but I'll be swapping those out for .223 since that's what I shoot most.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help a guy who HAS been reloading but has never worked with a turret press before.
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