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latest project was a case dryer. I wash my cases instead of tumbling and used to dry them either outdoors on a towel in sunny weather or spread out on a workbench with a fan blowing across them.

I used a light bulb for the heat source, a water heater thermostat for a safety switch and a bathroom exhaust fan replacement motor and wheel as a fan. Some lamp cord for wiring, scrap ply and hinges from past projects finished it up. The thermostat, fan assembly and light base cost me about $25 at a local big box store. I would guesstimate another 25 for the wood wire etc if I had not had them on hand

I could also use this as food dehydrator by substituting some plastic trays for the "rat wire" ones.

Uploaded with

I dumped about 130 or so .38 cases in there just for demo purposes. I only made 2 trays for it so far and have done 400 .45 ACP's in one load. There is room for a third tray if I ever need one.
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