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All of a sudden, the wife says....

"I want to go pig hunting." How about that. We've lived here in the country for 3 years and she has often said that she'd shoot a pig - but she never showed any inclination to actually try to shoot one. Recently we had a coyote about 5 feet off the front porch, and hogs have been rooting dangerously close to flower beds. She told me that I needed to "get busy and shoot em", and I said that "I could use some help". So I guess today is the day. Man, I sure hopes she gets a shot at either a pig or a coyote. I'll put her in my best blind and I'll give her my favorite pig medicine (the Ruger Compact in 260, which I bought for her in the first place, but have since adopted for my own use). This may be the start of something fun. She usually outfishes me, but I'd just as soon she not outhunt me. That could damage my male ego....
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