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I don't disagree with the above post. It's just that people tend to preach awareness at what I'd call a low or tactical level (like looking for escape routes and things like that). I think you can minimize the need for that if you are aware of things on a grander scale.

I think you start by being aware of the consequences of where you tend to live and work and what you do. It isn't always easy to change these things. However, it is something one might consider.

Once those issues are decided, I think you should be aware of where you go, when you go there, what you do and who you hang around with. For example, if I am leaving to drive somwhere before the sun comes up, I fill up the car the day before - no need to be at some "stop and rob" out on the highway in the dark if some prior planning can avoid it.

That leaves you with situations that are less risky. Or you could say there is less chance of having something bad happen. I'm not saying you don't have to aware of what's around you, but you shouldn't have to be wound tighter than a two dollar watch all the time either. That can lead to bad decisions.

My goal is to depart this life having never had to defend myself or even having threatened to do so. I don't even want to have come close to doing so if I can help it.

The way to do that - in my opinion - is to be aware of potential consequences at a fairly grand scale and try to mitigate risk at that level.

This is exactly the kind of posts that I enjoy reading here at TFL. It reminds us of a common sense way of thinking that is instilled in most people from the time they were young. It doesnt have to have code names or initials
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