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Rem 700 sps varmint accuracy

I'm new to the whole forum thing... bear with me please.
I have a Rem 700 SPS Varmint. 1 yr old. Apprx 300 rnds run down it. Cleaned A LOT (NO BRASS BRUSH THO). Bedded action factory stock... looking to upgrade when funds permit.
SCOPE: Nikon 3-9 x 40 (the price was right)
TWIST/LENGTH: 1:12 / 24"
Handloads: Factory(from Meijers)brass fire formed of course. Remington #200 primers, 44gr IMR4895 charge with a 168gr Hornady HPBT. OAL 2.8

So...Why is my accuracy so sketchy? Its not horrible, but I'd like to at least achieve what I shot with the Meijers purchased Remington 150gr spitzers. Shot a MOA .75 @ 100 yrds one time. THRILLED!... Never happened since. I'm at 1.25 on a good day. Thats #1

Next: When I clean the bore, I use a copper remover (essentially Amonia+dish soap) until it comes out clean. Go back thru with Ed's Red and get the crap out and clean. Dry patches a couple times... Run a quick very lightly oiled (Hoppe's) patch to... well ya know? It just seems right being a machinist and all for preservation of surface.
The darn thing doesn't want to come clean! I stopped cause I thought maybe something was wrong. I basically get a dirty(looks like black dirt)patch. Not much, but I want to have a WHITE patch after I clean... Am I asking too much?
I'll stop here... I have a strong want for accuracy.

I don't expect miracles. .5 MOA would be cause for celebration! Just want consistancy. So whatcha got for me? I can take it.
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