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Originally Posted by Magnum Mike
Try deer hunting. You will see lots of squirrels then.
Good point. I've never had any problems finding squirrels on a decent piece of land with oak trees. It's more a matter of patience and learning how to recognize the kind of thick, vine laden hollows they favor.

Another thing to remember---don't go loaded for bear when hunting squirrels. As a kid, I couldn't wait to graduate from the single shot H&R .410 my father wisely chose as my first gun to a 30" barrel 12 ga pump (plug removed). But I found this gave me an almost unfair advantage. For real fun during squirrel hunting, stick to a simple single barrel shotgun (20 ga is plenty)or .22 LR, or better yet, a .22LR pistol assuming you can hit with it. You'll have to be on your game to keep up if you come across a gang of squirrels, working overtime to get in your shots! Can be challenging.

Although I've haven't often used this during hunting, I sometimes imitate a squirrel bark (rather well actually!) and I seem to have drawn tame city squirrels behind my house to investigate me in a way they wouldn't normally numerous times, meaning my calls worked to an extent. One time I think I even had one rather angry at me, as if I was challenging him!! So you could work on your barking.
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