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Reread my post #46 here

OK Guys. I just now took the time to do some measuring.

Diameter of the carbide ring in MY Lee FCD, measures .470, this was checked at various places around the ring.

Diameter of MY cast bullets, both 190 gr. Lee semi wad cutter and 228 gr Lee round nose sized to .452. Measurement .452 at various points around the bullet.

Checked a random sample of cases for the case thickness near the mouth. These were from various manufactures. Ran from .007 to .011. Most measured .009, with .010 coming in second.

What does this prove? Any case with a thickness over .009 thickness is going to post size a lead bullet using the Lee FCD that I own and using cast bullets that I size to .452. That folks is a fact.

We can argue all we want, but those are the numbers. And I think I still am capable of knowing how to use a mike and calibers as my measuring instruments were used by me when I was a tool & die maker for 20 years.

I should add, overall I like Lee Products, I have issues with their scale, mainly because of the light weight, its hard for me to use. And obviously I do not care for their FCD. But overall they give an astounding good product at an extremely low price. My experience of their customer service is beyond reproach.
And anyone thinking I going to measure the wall thickness of 6 to 12 5 gal. buckets of brass when for all intends and purposes I have already solved the problem is just nuts.

Its obvious MY FCD die is way to tight. and being so I have no use for it.

Maybe in all of mankind I have the one and only one with this problem, What a collectors item. Maybe the kids will make a fortune on it at the estate sale.
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