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I've had some frustrating experiences on public land here in Michigan... And being 25 myself i always get rolling eyes and condescending looks at the local clubs from the old hats...So I hear you brother.
I feel your pain on both accounts. I am only 26 and I feel very out of place in the couple of shooting clubs I have checked out; maybe in another 10 or 15 years I will fit right in with the other OFWG's but till then.

In regards to shooting, count yourselves lucky that MI is a bit more gun friendly than over in the Northern IL/Southern WI area.
I get harassed even when shooting on private land, my family has some property up in Wisconsin. Too many Urban transplants around who cannot wrap their heads around lawful shooting. So about every other time or so when I shoot the cops show up. Its a pretty small police force so they don't even come bug me anymore. I usually just see the cops talking to whoever called.
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