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That design by Lyman and others has been around for a very long time. But from the start the pin is hard to keep hot enough to form hollow points without voids. A better design almost as old as that is the cramer type of HP mold.

The pins stay with the mold, sliding sideways to allow the boolits to drop off them. This keeps the pins hot so they cast fully filled out boolits.

That's a MP mold, I got that through a group buy over at cast boolits .com. It's a 200 RNFPHP The HP pins can be flipped 180 degrees, then the bottoms form a solid boolit @ about 215 grains.

Yes, they DO expand!

Round HP on the left, penta point on right.

Take a look around on Miha's site, he just might have some of those molds left. He over-runs the group buys, then sells them direct from the website. BTW, they'll run you about 150 bucks for the mold with both pin styles.
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