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Hey Woody, we play horse the same exact way you do sometimes. Shooter picks the shot and the position, That's a blast!

22 LR is perhaps the coolest cartridge of all. It's available in a myriad of platforms in both Handguns and Rifles. People of any ages can shoot them and it's low noise for the most part. I had my kids shooting 22 rifles when they were about 3 years old. That old Springfield single shot was a cool rifle but they outgrew it quick so we got them 1022's. They were busting squirrels at about 5.

I wanted them to shoot 22 pistols too, but the MK II was a little heavy for them when they were young, so I happened upon a nice used OM Super Bearcat (steel frame/brass trigger-guard) for them. That gun, is the premier kids 22 revolver, bar none. It's easy to operate for them and the grip is wonderfully kid sized. It takes 22 Shorts, Longs, or Long Rifle. That's a plus because those 22 LR's can be pretty darn loud from the Bearcat's 4" barrel. So we shot a lot of Shorts when they were real little. The combination of short barrel/ short arms on little kids is solved with 22 Shorts, even CB's for the littlest ones. It's wonderful to behold a little kid loading a single action revolver and doing it right, even load one skip one so hammer down on empty cylinder! I love going shooting 22's with kids.

I happened into a NAA Mini-revo too and concluded that they are not kids guns. They are too small for the kids to be able to handle and easily adhere to the 4 rules with any efficacy. The swept me with the little one more than they ever did with the Bearcat. I had to really watch them close with the mini-revo. All in all, 22's are very much fun.
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