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i think more people would like them if they weren't so ugly and clunky.
but for the money, i don't know of a more reliable 9mm on the market.
for a concealed carry?'s a little bulky to hide but i guess you could. mine cost $95 when i bought it new. they have never failed to shoot, actually haven't had ANY mechanical problems with them. (except wolf ammo)
i might be a little prejudice about them because i live pretty close to the little factory they're made in. (not dayton oh.) they are plentiful in the gun stores around here.
i wonder if there are more hi-points confiscated in crimes here than any where else...... i'll have to check into that.

another case of a few bad people givin' somethin' good, a bad reputation.
Clint Eastwood: "the .44 magnum. the most powerful handgun in the world. it can blow a mans head clean off. in all this excitement i can't remember if i fired 5, or if i fired 6 shots. but you got to ask yourself this one question, do you feel lucky..... punk.... well, do ya?"
john 3:16-17-18, romans 3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:13

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