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Hunting: Leave the TVs and pets at home, please...

Ok, I'm whining.
I get to my camping spot on Friday and am throw up my tent amidst a series of spots at the no-moto trail head with a small rodeo of horse trailers. Some are taking tents and gear down the trail into the valley. I'm not so worried about that. Then things go very, very wrong as dark falls.
1. One horse trailer at the trailhead turns on his industrial sized generator. Ever worked at a construction site that ran klieg lights at night? In the middle of the woods it sounded about that loud. Why does anyone go out to nature to do that?
2. Another guy at the trail head lets his dog run into the hills where it proceeds to run and bark for a couple hours. It's times like that where you're hoping for a mountain lion....
3. A dog at one of the camps down in the valley began barking, maybe in response to the one up top and kept it up ALL NIGHT LONG....

So my buddy and I bike and hike up and down and around for the next 3 days and you know what? There's no elk. None. How odd is that....

Humans invented kennels for a reason. Use them. And if you can't be without your freakin' "Sex in the City" episode for a week, stay home.

Done whining.

edit: ok, there's nothing about guns, so this thread probably should be closed.... I just feel better for getting that out.
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