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I prefer inside the waist band carry at about 3:00. As far as caliber is the 38 spl a good round or would a 9 MM be better ? How difficult is it to CC a commander size 45 acp ? I have a Colt gold cup and it is kind of big for CC.
I like IWB and think it opens more options.

I like both 9mm and .38spl. While the 9mm has more velocity and more power, the .38spl being a revolver round has the advantage of more efficient hollowpoint designs. The 9mm may be a little better overall for self-defense, and it is cheaper for practice ammo, but I am a big fan of both rounds.

As for the Commander sized 1911s (and other similar size and weight .45's), they are a great CCW weapon. I guess the question is if you want only one CCW gun or two. They are about 10oz lighter than a full-sized 1911. The height is the same. there is about a 3/4" difference in length. IMO they are good for about 75-85% of the time, but once in a while they may be a little big. If you want to buy a smaller gun for the once in a while that you need something smaller (maybe a lightweight J-frame or an LCP) it is a great CCW gun. If you want one gun that will work for about 90% of the time a smaller 9mm or .40 would be in order. Still, you'd need something smaller about 10% of the time. If you want one gun that you can always carry, something like a Kel Tec PF9, S&W Shield, SIG 290 or one of the small .380s are about as large as you can go.

We all know that any carry gun is a compromise. A gun small enough to carry all the time will either be in a lesser caliber (like .380) or it will be pushing the envelope on size for the caliber and be less pleasant to shoot. I think a Commander sized 1911 is a terrific carry gun, but it depends upon what compromises you are willing to make.
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