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What I love:

1) the peace and serenity of watching the woods come alive on an early crisp morning.

2) watching things in real life such as deer(bucks and does)/turkeys fighting for dominance in their herds/flocks or a buck making a scrape/rub or a doe tending a scrape rather then just seeing these things on TV.

3) the cat-n-mouse game of trying to out smart a dominant buck I've scouted for the season.

4) the successful feeling of grunting or rattling in a buck or calling in a big tom.

What I hate:

1) trespasser's

2) finding trash(namely beer cans) scattered in my hunting area...since I hunt mostly my own land, this is the reason for #1.

3) walking up to a downed animal I've shot and it's not dead.
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