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I assume you've found the manual at, right?

That's the sear, sear axis, sear spring and "sear pusher".

The picture on page 6 should give you some idea of how they go together.

wanted to completely clean his star firestar down to a complete disassemble.
There's a warning on that page that it would be prudent to heed.

The safety lever is only prevented from over-rotating by the grip panels. If they are removed for cleaning or maintenance, the safety can be rotated too far, and the the detent plunger will fly out. This is a very, very, small part and will almost certainly become lost. The safety lever is very important to the safe operation of the gun, so use caution not to lose the detent pin. If you do loose this part, a very tiny ball bearing can replace it perfectly well, but good luck getting ahold of one.
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