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Reads like that Judge & wife were quite willing to share their prosperity of additional land ownership with those willing to have a good time with him and his wife.
Yes, the Judge and his wife were fine people. One of the few Judge's that didn't play 'favorites' from the bench. He was just one of those 'down to earth' guys that never let a little power go to his head. Respected by most that knew him. It was truly my pleasure to have been associated with him.

Nice of you guys to help with the occasional up-keep of this judges place too. I'm quite sure that was appreciated.
Yes, he did appreciate the small things we did but most especially the bottle of fine scotch and box of Cuban cigars we got for him every year.... and his eye's would light up every time when he and the Mrs. pulled up and would see a hind quarter roasting on the spit and a big cast-iron pot of soup beans cooking over the fire...

...with those memories.... people wander why we hunt?

Apologies to the OP for the temporary thread veer.

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