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Seems that criminals around tend to go after the exact type of neighborhoods that are supposed to be safe, affluent where people have a sense of security.

Always new stories popping up about home invasions in the least expected neighborhoods.

I live in a 40 year old ranch style home in a very blue collar neighborhood with relatively low crime although this summer we had several Hispanic homes robbed by Hispanic thieves.
It seemed they were targeting Hispanics that had at least one illegal living there ...probably in hopes they would not report the thefts.

In one of the homes a painfully beautiful 21 year old female opened the basement door when she heard someone tampering with the lock,in her downstairs apartment.
When she asked the two Hispanic males what they wanted they told her they must have had the wrong home and left in a hurry.
She is an illegal and did not report it but told my neighbor who told me.
She was the only witness to the crime so I contacted my meighborhood watch officer and asked if they would leave her alone if she cooperated with them as she was the only eyewitness to these two criminals.
They assured me that they would not even question her legal status as getting these guys off the street was their only concern.

Thank God the bad guys did not rape,or kill her.

There were three of these incidents in one week alone on my street and on an adjacent street.

The cops went door to door and did not seem too thrilled at the " We don't call 911" sign made out of wooden block letters and a wooden revolver on my front door.
They told me " You know you still need to call 911 right?"

I said " If someone breaks into this home I will call 911, but only to clean up the mess."

They both actually smirked while trying to act serious.....LOL.

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