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The sweetest 45 ACP I have ever shot is the CZ 97 BD. The ergonomics and balance are perfect, the felt recoil is so soft you don't even notice it which means you are right back on target, and has a very natural aim point. It also comes with night sights. As long as you have average size hands this gun will fit you perfectly. I have shot quite a few 1911's in my time and love them. Most of them in stock configuration, and a couple of very tricked out ones. But I kid you not, to me the CZ is the best 45 I've ever shot, and the most accurate. The first picture below shows the very first time I shot my 97, or any 97. The second picture is from the same day shooting my Colt MKIV Series 80. Both were at 30 feet useing the same ammo. Just some FMJ 230 grain bulk range ammo. When your flyer is in the 10 ring, that's accurate.

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