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My 2 favorites are: Glock 21SF because I can carry a large .45 caliber round or a Glock 17 in 9 mm which would allow me to go for really good shot placement. With the 9 mm, I would practice doing the Mozambique shooting concept sort of like the Navy SEALs do with their 9 mm pistols. In addition, with the floor plate modification on a G-17 mag, you can carry 20 rounds of 9 mm ammo. And Glock will rush through repairs on a police gun if you let them know that your gun is used by an officer. Where I used to work, out of 70+ deputies most carried Glock pistols with Sig Sauers next in popularity. Glocks very seldom have problems but the 2 that we did send to Glock for repairs were back with us by the end of the week. But we had identified those 2 guns as being police duty firearms with the papers sent with them.
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