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Here are a few of my favorites for my 1934 Izzy aresenal Mosin M91/30 which has an extremely tight action and excellent bore. This being said all Mosins ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL in their construction with some less than stellar guns having been produced under extreme duress due to the Germans pounding on the gates of old mother Russia while the war was on . Premium units are rated at up to 56,000 PSI pressure handling capability unlike where published load data by those such as Hodgdon cap their pressures at 46,700 psi for liability reasons. Use disgression and work up your loads accoringly keeping safety #1 .... ALWAYS !!!

Hornady 123 gr. .310"dia. SP, CCI 250, 55.6 gr. BLC2, 0.9" @ 100 yds.

Sierra 125 gr. Pro Hunter , CCI 200, 51.5 gr. IMR 3031 , 1.0" @ 100 yds.

Sierra 150 gr. Pro Hunter, CCI 200, 52.1 gr. RL15, 0.9" @ 100 yds.

Sierra 150 gr. Pro Hunter, CCI 200, 50.7 gr. Varget, 1.1" @ 100 yds.

Speer 150 gr. Hot Core, CCI 250, 58.1 gr. WIN 760, 0.8" @100 yds.

*** Accuracy fell off using 180 gr. bullets and as I dont use this rifle to hunt Elk or such I havent pursued the heavier loads much. Do note I upgraded my front sight with a fully adjustable fine gold dot from Smith Sights and had the crown recut to get these results . I very highly recommend one of the Smith sights or send them yours to modify for very little money. You wont be dissapointed. ***

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