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Very nice Sure Shot

The bottom entry of your stand reminds me of a piece of property owned by a Judge, I and a couple LEO friends used to hunt some 20yrs ago...And some Great Times.

Judge didn't live on the property or hunt. Just a get away for he and his wife to go to from time to time.

Every year all our families got together at the property for a weekend camp out. Lots of shooting, good eating and of course, lots of lies told around the campfire. . The Judge had a standing rule for that weekend...NO SHOP TALK. Tell all the lies you wanted around the campfire but he didn't want to hear one word of an arrest someone made, a case, investigation etc.
He was not shy about telling ya if you happen to bring something of that nature up. Usually saying something like " since you forgot to leave all that at work, is there something you forgot to bring with you? ".

Us guys that hunted always asked the Judge what he wanted done around the property. His only request every year was that we keep the road to his cabin clear of debris(fallen tree's etc) so when he and the Mrs. came down they could make it into the cabin. One of the LEO's that hunted with us was the Judge's Bailiff so we usually knew ahead of time when the Judge was heading down to the property.

Throughout our time together with the Judge, he knew basically where us four guys fav. hunting spots were.

As a surprise to us guys, the Judge hired some Amish people to build some stands for us. The stands all had entry's from the floor and were very detailed in the way they were built. Carpeted floors and insulated throughout.

The Judge knew something on every one of us and he had decorated the inside of each of our stand with a special, personalized touch. Example: one of the LEO's that hunted with us was called on the carpet by his female Sgt. for having a **** mag. in his cruiser...guess what was taped all over the inside wall's of his stand. .
I won't get into how mine was decorated.
We didn't know of the stands till our get together for our weekend get together.

What a great surprise.
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