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Why would someone paint that dot red anyway?
Next to how a trigger "feels", come how sights "appear" in order of importance to the individual shooter.
FWIW - I'm equally comfortable with anyone that cares to reverse that order and put sights ahead of trigger feel.

Since forever, people have been messing with the front sight in search of the "perfect touch".
Sgt. Alvin York liked to wet it, and a lot of target shooters use a match or alcohol lamp to put a coat of black soot on the front sight to cut down on glare.
Still others have put a dab of nail polish on. <--paint thinner won't remove the red if it's nail polish - but - nail polish remover will remove both nail polish and paint.
Still others - such as myself - will put a dab of White Out on the front sight - or - do nothing and leave the sights as is.

Even others will use a fluorescent - as do some gun makers (Browning Buckmark) front sight.

This is an example of one of the things you'll pick up as you become more experienced w/shooting.<- finding out what type of and what color sight is best for you.
In the meantime,,,enjoy your new gun - get someone experienced to show you the basics, sight picture/trigger squeeze - and give serious consideration to reloading.
Reloading isn't some "black art" reserved for well seasoned shooters.
On the contrary, I'm forever thankful that the guy that sold me my first real center fire - as a "newbie" shooter in 1977 (Ruger Blackhawk .38/.357mag) pushed me real hard to get into handloading.
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