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Reading the OP, I'm thinking he is looking for an excuse to get a new rifle. OK, here's a case of .270 failure. Guy in our group shot a young bull through the lungs at <100 yd, and nearly lost it. "Nearly" because for some reason it turned around and came past him again. Yes, the first shot was a good one. Trouble with this is, there are anecdotes like this for every caliber. Saw a guy complaining on another forum that his .338 just made an elk mad enough to charge him. Especially with modern bullets, that .270 is fine. If a new rifle is the goal, I can always find a good reason I gotta have it, but I'd say try out your friends' knockemdeads first. I talked myself into a .338 Win Mag a couple years ago. I like it. My excuse? Gonna hunt Alaska, of course!
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