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Never having heard of your brand of powder, I do have what I think is the latest Lyman book (5th edition) and it does include some info on VihtaVuori powder from Finland, but only for N310, N330, and N340. It says nothing about N110.

As for the rest, it seems that you got some answers.

One thing that is unclear, at least one thing, is that the 1050 bar may not indicate the maximum pressure generated but that the shell would be safe for guns proofed for such pressue, which I believe is roughly equal to 15,300 psi. I also note that you are using heavy shot and not lead. I believe that since hv is denser you may find that the same weight fails to feel your wad's shot cup. If so I don't know what to recommend. My suggestion is although you have bottles of N110, if you are at all unsure about a recipe to go with a powder for which you have a published recipe.

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