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The muzzle still points at your body when carrying a pistol strong side IWB. You will sweep your hip and/or leg when you draw. You will also point the gun at yourself with appendix carry. You can die either way, so care must be taken regardless of method used.

Appendix carry is a great way to carry. However, there are a few considerations:

1) Holster reluctantly. Obviously, you can shoot yourself regardless of method. Remember Tex Grubner? He shot himself drawing from a strongside holster because he was tired. You must be careful at all times, regardless of circumstance. If you feel that you are impaired in some way, remove the holster, insert the gun into the holster while keeping it pointed in a safe direction, and reattach the holster to your belt.

2) Your body will dictate the size of the gun you can comfortably carry in the appendix position. Consider the overall height and length of the gun. A long barrel will put pressure on your thigh that will become very uncomfortable after a few hours. A gun with a long grip may be difficult to conceal without loose clothing.

3) You will need to determine the specific attributes of a holster that work for you. I like a very narrow holster with a loop that is not attached to the widest part of the holster.

4) Always carry your gun in a holster that fully covers the trigger. The "clips" are a great way to "Plaxico" yourself.

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