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you got a very nice collection of German pistols! To know about the "Schiwi Sicherung", you probably have also some money in literature.
Yes you are right. I have only been collecting approx 5 years so I lean a lot on books. Even books that have some errors are usually more correct than other people, or the internet, depending on your good your "filter" for the info is. I'm also a little younger than most other collectors - at least the collectors that like what I like.

Here is my main library in my gun room. I have a credit card that gives me points to use on amazon, and I use those to get out of print gun books. Of course, some I purchased, a few were gifts, etc.

Here is my smaller living room gun library offshoot. I basically rotate these some, but these are also ones I more frequently reference.

Win73 - Great pistols BTW - Ref. My pic, I am afraid you will be disappointed to learn - that it's a rough mix up, as is my German collection (pics if wanted) - I have not been collecting very long, and go after the pieces that get my imagination going, rather than museum grade things
Thanks. No, I'm not disappointed at all. It was crazy at first the possibility of all of them being the real McCoy. They are still neat to have despite being replicas. If that's what you can have, then have at it. It shows me how much you appreciate them, to have basically replicas of them, in place of the real deal. Many people would not bother, but you have a passion for them, and I of course can appreciate that. Perhaps someday you will own real ones. I'm sure you would love to, as would I.

So its been a while, and like MacArthur, I have returned - with a new gun!

Recently while browsing my favorite gun show, the internet gun show (24/7 and more guns that you can shake a stick at!) I located this JP Sauer 1913. It came as a full rig. Some of these were carried during WWI by the Imperial Germany Army. Usually this would have been an officer's gun. I actually have one already, which is also Imperial accepted, but this new one is in wonderful shape, with 2 correct mags and a great holster. I stripped it down and it all matches (bolt handle, bolt, firing pin, barrel shroud, frame). The holster is a nice maker marked 1917 holster. How many of these holsters could have survived? I assume this rig to be a WWI vet bring back, which is hard to prove and not often observed when you think about it. I got it from a pawnshop who did not know it was Imperial marked. In the book Central Powers Pistols by Still, it states that the Sauer 1913 was available via private purchase for German officers for a price of 37 marks. Approx 30k were Imperial accepted for WWI German army usage. Both my older example, SN 49XXX and my newer example SN 75XXX are considered Variation 1. Imperial 1913s are rarely seen in this condition.

Look at that blue. Mauser, Walther and JP Sauer sure knew how to make guns. The Imperial marking, which is a C/Q interwtwined stamp is just below the Crown/N mark, directly behind the top of the trigger guard.

Very nice maker mark here. How many of these could have reasonably survived? Getting close to the century mark now.

B.A.XI = Bavarian Army - 11th division? Not sure about that yet.

Winchester 73, the TFL user that won the west

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