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more g&g info.

kirk id like to add something. as posted, all G&G's were 36 cal. they were all brass framed. the only markings are the serial numbers. none are actually marked Griswold & Gunnison. there are some that have round tops on the breech end of the barrel instead of the flats. the cyl on G&G's are of iron as are all reb. revolvers. to strenthen the soft iron they heated it, then twisted it while hot. this compressed the grain structure making it more pressure resistant which left the distinctive stripe on the completed cyl. the dance brother's pistols found with recoil shields are a bit difficult to explain. making this part requires a swedgeing die. if they made this die, why didn't they use it to make all their frames? the surviving d.b.that have no recoil shields were hand sawed from flat plate iron hence no shield. the d.b. were made in 36 and 44 cal but the 44 is proportionately sized closer to a colt dragoon. details to ponder.
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