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Didn't see any other Canadians post a reply, so I thought I'd weigh in. North of the 49th, the laws are a bit more... restrictive, shall we say.

In order to own firearms, you must have a firearms license (called a Possession and Acquisition License), which requires taking a firearm safety course from a certified instructor. Once you have the PAL, you can legally borrow what we call "non-restricted firearms" (long guns). No license, no borrowing firearms. Period.

Long guns I would loan to my family members and a very few select friends who have firearms licenses, and who I trust implicitly.

"Restricted firearms" (handguns) are registered to a single person (in some cases, joint possession is possible if you live in the same house, i.e. father and son), and if it's not registered to you, you cannot legally store it at your house, or even transport it (you have another document called an Authorization To Transport, or ATT, that allows you to transport restricted firearms (handguns) to and from certified ranges). So, you cannot legally loan a handgun to someone to take home with them, Big Legal Trouble if you do so and get caught.

That being said, at the range, my brothers, dad, and a few very select friends whom I trust implicitly, can shoot my handguns at the range (when of course I am there with them, as I had to transport them there in the first place).

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