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Has CZ ever made its way into police agencies or ever issued as duty guns? I honestly dont know...
For a variety of reasons that ain't gonna happen here. They are used in a handful of places in Eastern Europe and a few are used by individuals in depts. that let officers carry almost anything they want.

If I'm spending my money it would be a Sig 226 or almost any of the Glocks. I'm not particular about caliber as long as it has quality ammo in it.

If someone else is buying the gun I could adapt to almost anything, including revolvers. I respect Kraigwy's experience as much as the next guy, but a revolver wouldn't be on the top of my list. Wouldn't be on the bottom either.

Give me about 100 rounds to get familiar with it and I'm good. There aren't many I haven't owned or shot so it wouldn't take long to get comfortable with them.
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