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Thanks for the remarks

In my limited experience the 222 cases seemed to crack sooner than any other. And it was merely a rhetorical question about Remington, as the necks are not discolored like some images show after the brass is annealed.
I shoulda known they do anneal.

Anyway, after reading quite a bit of info about this process, I set up a variable speed drill with a socket that fit 22-250 brass (I have quite a bit of that) and then fiddled around getting the little propane torch set right. Held the drill at a fairly low speed with rubber bands on the trigger. Covered the window in the garage, and went after it. My attempt was not productive.

Couldn't really see the case neck change colors as the torch was lighting up the case. Dropped three in the bucket of water after they heated for 10-12 seconds (no color change I could see.) Then turned on the lights, fished them out and tried the vise grip test (barely deforming the neck mouth) and they sprung right back, the brass still looked like new. Decided I had not heated the cases hot enough. Ok, well then, heat one till it does change color that is visible to me. Took quite a while, maybe 18 seconds, and the instant it looked like it was starting to change colors, threw it in the bucket. Same deal, tried the vise grip thing and it was softer than heck. Overdone.

So maybe just buying another couple hundred cases is the better deal for me. Kinda looks like I am a slow learner.
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