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Look for food sources. Walk slowly. They are abundant, find where they feed. Be quiet and sit still till they move. Squirrel is a fun and tasty quarry. I started using an RWS 350 .22. (Air guns are legal in mass), tried the .22 lever and the 12 gauge black powder shotgun. Back to the air rifle. ( Accurate, quiet and deadly.
Whatever you choose, be patient. They may stop moving if they see or hear you. Sit tight without moving. Give em 10 minutes or more, they will make their move again.
Once you locate one, stop. Listen and look. Usually I find many in a small area. If they are cutting nuts, once you shoot one, the others will quickly return to their business allowing more shots. If they run off, wait, they will usually return to their favorite trees.
Good luck and happy hunting.
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