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Well, after a VERY disappointing venture for a wood and blued Mossy 835 this morning....I went and picked up the Winchester. Everything seems to be in good working order as far as I can tell. It is in good condition as promised (one very light 1" scratch in the left side of the stock and one little ding (less than half a centimeter long about the width of a medium sowing needle) on the left side of the receiver, opposite the ejection port...flawless otherwise. I guess I'll find out for sure tomorrow.

A buddy from work told me today that he bought one of these new in 1991 from Galyans. He loved his and said he didn't have one single problem out of it over years of medium to heavy use....after the factory damaged barrel was replaced free of charge. But his friend also bought one and I guess his was very problematic from day one. Just hope I got one of the good ones

MidwestGunWorks has Winchester factory rebuild kits for $29, thought about getting one or two to have on hand in case the ol' girl ever needs a tune up...since parts for these could completely dry up at any time. Mid west seems to be the only ones with any parts...unless someone knows of someplace else.

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