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Well, shot it again, much better. Still not totally comfortable with the trigger, but, I feel more confident with it now. Shot surplus ammo this time, brass washed, MUCH easier extraction than the laquered modern made rounds were. I can see that this rifle will be shot a lot, it is simple, inexpensive fun. Love it.
After getting it nice and hot, cosmoline was beading on the wood and showing up in places I believed to be clean. Cleaned and cleaned again. Let it sit for a couple days and cleaned it some more. Enjoyed the entire process. These guns are very cool, and fun to shoot. Should have bought one sooner.
It is a nice enough gun, it is counter bored, but whatever. Now that I have some understanding (first hand), of what these guns are all about, I want more of em and better quality ones. Money isnt real tight, but every purchase is a consideration. So I will look around and try to find the best versions in the best condition possible. Thanks again guys, this gun has been a very interesting experience so far. First foray into the Milsurp world, won't be my last.
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