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What you don't hear very much at all is "I had them on my carry gun and I took them off and I am happier to NOT have them on my gun." No, you sure as heck don't hear that very much (if ever). Yes, if you have the laser, and if you only train to look for the laser dot and then fire you will probably be slower. Assuming you are not law enforcement, not military but some average guy who lives an average middle class life (go to work, come home, stop for gas, go to the mall or the shopping center, sometimes go out for dinner, walk through parking lots, etc) you will face violence mostly as the result of an opportunistic violent criminal attack. It will be up close and very personal. Iron sights will not be a factor. When I train with my guns, I might have three or four shots off before my eyes are looking for the dot from the laser. At that point, I am moving, feet in motion while finger continues to press trigger to the rear to fire more shots at "bad guy" (target). At that point, my laser gives me some additional info about where the gun is pointing relative to the location of the bad guy. It is tempting to train just to look for the laser dot and fire, but that temptation has to be managed. As Michael Bane says, "I want suspenders, a belt, and duct tape!" No reason not to throw every advantage into the mix if practical for still being able to holster and carry the gun.

As a dedicated and enthusiastic user of the Crimson Trace lasers, I will also say that the coming revolution in mini-red dot sites for carry guns is going to be a game changer. I have tried a few and did not like them but the technology is progressing rapidly and they will likely replace iron sights on carry guns to a large extent, within our lifetimes, probably before the decade is out. They might not replace lasers, but they might make lasers a lot less of an advantage. Time will tell, but one thing that is definitely going down in terms of being considered a resource is iron sights on carry guns. Give it ten years before you proclaim me wrong, because I told you that this will happen gradually over time.

Who would have thought even as recently as 2005 that manufacturers would be selling AR-15's without any sights on them at all (since they know that many users will equip the rifle with a red dot or other optical sight system)?

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